Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blue is the New Yellow

In April of this year I had the crazy-wonderful pleasure of buying a house. I learned quickly that, like my perfect man wishlist of 2002, there were some things that just weren't going to be part of my reality. I learned, for example, that my price range would not likely get me a house with a library, or music room, or even a kitchen with granite countertops. What it did get me was an adorable house with the right amount of space in the right location, with minor fix-up needs.

And a YELLOW office. Yellow is not my color. BLUE is my color.

Reader, I painted it.

This is the story of how I turned the Yellow Room of Discontent into the Blue Office of Tranquility and Imagination, all for around $215.


 Set up for my mom and sister to visit:
Sewing Space:

What I did:
Step one: Sold old bookcase on Craigslist for $225. Sad to see it go, but needed to upgrade.
Step two: Painted all the walls Martha Stewart Twilight. It was a little shocking at first, to go from so light to so dark, but I'm used to it now and I love it.
Step three: Ikea trips for bookcase, lights, drapes, sewing table, and picture frames. Had my eyes on the Hemnes bookcase for MONTHS, and the lights helped with the paint color. That room, though it gets morning light, can seem like a cave for the rest of the day. A floor lamp and wall lamp (in the sewing closet) have made the blue much more cheerful.
Step four: Hem the drapes for the closet and create a valance for the window.
Step five: buy a reading chair (off Craigslist) and a slipcover (off eBay)
Step five: Arrange and hang the wall gallery.

Profit from old bookcase sale: +$225

Paint: $50
Assorted Virserum Frames: $22
 Craigslist Reading Chair: $75
eBay slipcover: $25

Grand total: $214
I LOVE my new blue room. It makes me want to work every day, which is saying something! I still have some more upgrades on my list-- like using the remaining curtain material to hide the boxes at the top of my closet, buying the narrow version of the Hemnes bookcase to store my Phd books, and snatching a cute accent pillow for the chair-- but overall, I think we can call this project FINISHED. 

Total time spent: 10 days (because eBay takes FOREVER to ship, apparently)


Mary Ann said...

This looks beautiful.

Can't wait to come visit.

my first impression said...

Such talent! LOVE the sewing nook! You clever thing you! jan

Kelibrarian said...

Wunderbar! Looks great! I hope there is still room for my inflatable mattress?